2020 summer Bar Catering Services

All bar services must be booked through Morgan Estate

The Premium

(2 or 4.5 - Hour Package)

Beer, Wine, Sodas, Bottled Water,
Wine Glasses, Disposables
Wine: House Selection Cabernet, House Selection
Chardonnay (Highly Rated Wine Selection)
Beer: 2 Domestic, 2 Imports (From list below)

$22.50 (2-hour) / $25.50 (4.5 hour) per person*

The Platinum

(2 or 4.5 - Hour Package)

Beer, Wine, Sodas, Bottled Water,
Wine glasses, Disposables
Wine: Sonoma/Napa Selection Cabernet,
Chardonnay and Moscato
Beer: 2 Domestic, 2 Imports, 2 Craft

$25.50 (2-hour) / $28.50 (4.5 hour) per person*

Cash Bar

Client is responsible for the difference if minimums are not met
(A credit card deposit is required for these charges), plus tax and 20% service charge

No Host Bar with “Premium” Package Beer, Wine, Sodas, Bottled Water, Wine Glasses and Disposables

$500.00 Set-up Charge plus min purchase

No Host Bar Set up with “Premium” Package Beer, Wine, Sodas, Bottled Water, Disposables only

$250.00.00 Set-up Charge plus min purchase 

Minimum Requirement of sales for Cash Bars

  • 100-125 guest count = $1,150.00
  • 125-150 guest count = $1,350.00
  • 150-200 guest count = $1,650.00

Cash Bar Guest Charges:

  • Water:  $2.00
  • Sodas:  $3.00
  • Beer: $6.00 Domestic
  • Beer: $7.00 Import
  • Wine: $6.00 house
  • Wine: $9-12.00 Premium
  • Mixed Drinks: $7.00-$15.00


Additional Options Available:

Champagne Toast

(Premium Sparkling Wine)

For Guests, Served in Glass Flute
(Bride & Groom Complimentary)

$4.50 per person



Under 21 Beverage Bar


Limited to guests under 21 OR as an option
to add on to the cash bar

Assorted Sodas, Bottled Water, Juice

$8.50 per person

Full Bar Option

(add to beer and wine package price as follows)

Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey,
Gin & coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, tonic,
bottled flat and sparkling water,
sweet & sour, OJ & cranberry juice

Add just to cocktail hour - $3.00 PP
Add to 2 hr package - $4.00 PP
Add to 4.5 hr package - $6.00 PP

Premium Beer Selections

Domestic: (Choose Two)
Coors Light | Coors Banquet | Budweiser | Bud Light

Import: (Choose Two)
Corona | Stella Artois | New Castle | Heineken



Platinum Beer Selections

Craft Beer: (Choose Two)
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA | Saint Archer Blonde Ale | Stone IPA | Hangar 24 Orange | 805 | Angry Orchard Crisp

Other Options may be available – Please Speak with our Catering Host

(Additional Charges May Apply)
* All charges are subject to 20% service charge and applicable sales tax *

Term and Agreement

Both Venue packages require the use of our Bar service.

State and local laws regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol will be strictly enforced. Guests may be required to show identification and no one under 21 or overly intoxicated guests will be served.

Final guest count is due no later than 14 days prior to event date. Client will be billed for any guests in attendance over the stated guest count.

We reserve the right to make substitutions in the event a specific brand is unavailable. Every effort is made to provide all labels listed.

We do not guarantee to have each and every individual brand of beer, wine, or soft drink available for entire event.

We reserve the right to shut down the bar at any time due to unruly guests and or outside alcohol on the premises.

Glassware loss and/or breakage will be billed at replacement cost, if applicable.

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